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"When we were looking for assistance with a water sampling programme, EnvironMine was able to begin the activities with us at relatively short notice. They have proved to be able to respond to changing needs in sampling requirements as the project progressed to provide timely and comprehensive data"

Graham Morris, Ensham Resources Pty Ltd


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Expert data management, analysis, & reporting capability utilising the Hydstra environmental data management package.

Drawing on twenty-five years experience to accurately & reliably process, edit, validate, & archive environmental data to produce the best possible dataset.

Ability & experience to accurately interpret environmental data for the production of reliable data analyses & reports.


Hydstra is the de-facto standard data management package for the water industry in Australia. It is also the ideal tool for the management of environmental data for Mining & Industry.

1. Time-series data – regularly sampled data such as that from a data logger or for instance,
    weekly flow meter readings for flow rate & volume

2. Water quality data – discrete water quality data where samples are sent away to a laboratory     for analysis. One sample may have many results, e.g. ions, metals, nutrients, hydrocarbons, etc
    may all be analysed from a single sample. Soil samples also fall into this category & would be     managed the same way;

3. Groundwater data – typically water level is measured at groundwater bores periodically with the use of a dip tape.

     Each data type requires its own form of management:

Hydstra/TS (Time-series)

Data loggers have the capacity to make hundreds of measurements each day. At multi-parameter sites such as weather stations & water quality stations this translates into massive amounts of data being recorded in a short time. Hydstra/TS is specifically designed to deal with this type of data. Utilising very efficient compression techniques Hydstra/TS can store tens of thousands of station years of data in a central location on a local hard drive. The compression techniques enable Hydstra/TS to retrieve data & run data analyses extremely quickly, which makes for an efficient system.

Hydstra/WQ (Water Quality)
Hydstra/WQ has the following features:
Water quality archive
Any number of analyses per sample
Integrated with Hydstra/Time Series
Analyse quality and quantity together
Import from spreadsheets
Manual data entry
Import from laboratory management systems
All Hydstra/TS analysis programs can read WQ data
Compute loads with MODSYN
Export to spreadsheets
Specific WQ analyses
Hydstra/GW (Groundwater)
Hydstra/WQ has the following features:
Integrated with Hydstra/Time Series and Hydstra/Mapping
Levels available to all Time Series programs for analysis
Records information on well construction & lithology. This is particularly useful for the
                      calculation of casing volumes for groundwater sampling

Ability to report data as depth below ground level, depth below casing, or reduced level
Measuring point changes store multiple reference measuring points to cater for those
                      times when bore casings are damaged &/or modified
Hydstra can provide an unrivalled capability in:
Data Acquisition
Data Importing & Exporting
Data Management
Data Analysis
Modelling and Simulation
Automated Task Scheduling and Processing
Integrated with Water Quality database
Integrated with Groundwater database
Integrated with GIS functions
Integrated with Modelling packages
User Configurable
For further details on Hydstra please refer to the Kisters Pty Ltd website at the following link: