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"When we were looking for assistance with a water sampling programme, EnvironMine was able to begin the activities with us at relatively short notice. They have proved to be able to respond to changing needs in sampling requirements as the project progressed to provide timely and comprehensive data"

Graham Morris, Ensham Resources Pty Ltd


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Design, supply, installation, operation, maintenance of automatic systems for: -

Water level & discharge
Water quality
Wind & Weather
EnvironMine Data Services has extensive experience with the supply, installation, & operation of automated monitoring systems for a wide range of parameters. Consulting with a range of suppliers we work to provide the client with the optimal monitoring solution to suit their needs, taking into account:
Client budget constraints
System accuracy & reliability
Integration with existing client systems
Ease of operation
Telemetry requirements
Staff training

The operation & maintenance of any automatic monitoring station requires a high degree
of experience & knowledge to ensure that once installed it continues to operate accurately & reliably in the long-term. Tasks may range from something as simple as checking the state of the solar charging system or cleaning sensor housings to more sophisticated tasks such as performing calibration checks of sensors, & site surveys to confirm channel characteristics at gauging stations. EnvironMine Data Services are able to undertake all the necessary tasks in a professional manner to ensure that the monitoring stations remain accurate & reliable. The importance of correct maintenance procedures should not be underestimated as the integrity of the collected data is completely dependent on it. Many automatic monitoring systems have failed to deliver good data simply because they have not been maintained properly.